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Visiting Whidbey Island
Visiting Whidbey Island

For those wanting to explore the many recreational activities and breath taking sights of Whidbey Island, The Arbor Retreat is a great home base.  We're minutes from downtown Langley where you can enjoy its quaint shops, and antique stores.  For dining out in Langley, again you get the best of two worlds, simple quiet charm, combined with world-class cuisine.  See our restaurant guide of what we recommend.

Your first visit to Whidbey Island
Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) - http://www.portseattle.org/seatac/
Vancouver International Airport (YVR) - http://www.yvr.ca/

Washington State Ferries - http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/

Whidbey Island Visitors Guide - http://www.whidbey.net/visitor/visitors.html


There are many great eateries on Whidbey Island.  We want to share with you our preferred list based on personal experience.  This is not to say that we haven't missed some others with fine cuisine but this list should get you going.  At the bottom of our list are two web links for more information about dining while enjoying yourself on the Island.
Langley - Right around the corner from The Arbor Retreat

Superb dining with great wines and a pallet full of tastes
Cafe Langley     360 - 221-3090
 113 1st St       Langley

Panoramic sound view - excellent cuisine
Edgecliff Fine Dining    360 - 221-8899
510 Cascade Ave      Langley

Upstairs with a water view and a jazzy crowd
Star Bistro Cafe & Bar    360 - 221-2627
 201 1/2 1st St      Langley

Gourmet Reviews 
Neil's Clover Patch Cafe    360 - 321-4120
14485 SR 525 #3      Langley

Local color with good food
The Braeburn     360 - 221-3211
 197-D 2nd St      Langley

Village Pizzeria     360 - 221-3363
108 1st St       Langley

The Fish Bowl     360 - 221-6511
 317 2nd St       Langley

The place for latte and divine bread pudding
Langley Village Bakery & Eatery  360 - 221-3525
221 2nd St #1      Langley

Rustic but fun and great water view
Dog House Backdoor Restaurant  360 - 221-9825
 230 1st St       Langley

American dining and the breakfast sausage is overgrown 
Mike's Place Restaurant    360 - 221-6575
219 1st St       Langley


Head back to the ferry and you're there. It's worth it.
La Paz Baja Mexican Restaurant  360 - 341-4787
4769 Hwy 525      Clinton

Left on Wilkinson - right on Surface Road and you're at Ken's Korner
Trattoria Guiseppe Italian Restaurant  360 - 341-3454
Bar & Grill    Ken's Korner Shopping Village

Morning Snacks
Bagel Bakery     360 - 341-4302
Ken's Corner      Clinton


Dazzling atmosphere and no MSG -if you love Chinese this is a must
China City      360 - 331-8989
1804 E Scott Rd      Freeland

Local color with interesting food
The Freeland Cafe     360 - 331-9945
1642 E Main St      Freeland

Sfoglia Fine Pastas & Gourmet Take-Out 360 - 331-4080
1594 Main St      Freeland

Bush Point Waterfront Restaurant  360 - 331-2626
229 E Main St      Freeland

Whidbey's Lighthouse Cafe   360 - 331-4580
1609 E Main St      Freeland

Easy Eating
Besta Round Pizza     360 -.331-4144
1832 Scott Rd      Freeland


Have heard that it is good food 
The Captain Whidbey Inn    360 - 678-4097
 2072 W Capt Whidbey Inn Rd   800 - 366-4097

Easy Eating -great water view
Captain's Galley     360 - 678-0241
10 Front St       Coupeville